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We perform polishing of solid wood floors and worn prefinished. The polishing exalts the natural veins of the wood and makes the rooms cozy and bright. This is made through state-of-the-art tools such as professional polishing machines. When working on both new and to be renovate floors, we also use professional vacuum cleaners to remove remaining products. In this way we will leave your home clean and tidy. Our staff attentive to finishing and quality, will offer you excellent and professional service. Ask for a quote now!



We also make parquet sanding in Taranto. This technique is especially used when your floor has clear signs of wear: dents, color alterations, scratches. This is a very simple and cheap technique that is extremely easy to use, usually using a sander. It has two brushes that evenly smooth the floor, giving it a new beauty.
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Smoothing is not an ordinary maintenance work, since constant intervention can cause wear and worsening the integrity of the floor. On the contrary, this serves to restore vigor and brightness to your parquet. It must be made occasionally, at least 8-10 months from one intervention to another. To make ordinary maintenance, just use specific products such as oil or wax parquet products.